I stand at the door an knock. Do you hear My voice? I want to you recognize both My voice and My face. The veil was torn so that you could know Me. I am inviting you into knowing and being known.


You and I have two different responsibilities when it comes to the Word of God and His image. It works like this: You can put His Word into stone but you cannot put His image into stone.

That means you can absolutely bank on what God says – His Word – but you cannot bank on how God is going to show up – His image. He’ll show up however He wants to show up in, wherever He wants to show up, in whatever way He wants to show up.

The reason why? We don’t need to put the way we think God shows up into stone because we will form denominations and cause divisions. We do love to worship images.

Humans are tripped out, and we’re in desperate need of a Savior. When God Almighty defined for us, “I don’t want you worshipping an image. I want you putting My Word into stone, but I do not want you putting My image into stone because I want to show you a new face all the time.”

Concerning His kingdom and of His peace, there shall be no end. – Isaiah 9:7

There is this really cool song that illustrates this point. I sing “Jesus Rides the Subway” at our Easter concert every year because it is important for you and I to understand Jesus still shows His face to us today. His presence shows up and we often miss it because we’ve made it into an idol. One of the verses says,

“Jesus came to church last Sunday, Sat at the back and sang a hymn
Jesus came to church last Sunday, and nobody recognized Him”

Why? Because we worship images and we don’t recognize how the Lord is showing up around us. I want Him to show up in my life. I need Jesus to personally drop in and clean up my messes, and set things in order. So do you. Would you recognize His face if He did? Run into His presence so you can truly know Him.

From my sermon series JESUS UNVEILED