I have personally seen Troy’s arms reach, hands heal, words teach, feet go and his love show. Troy’s service to the Kingdom is an example for all to follow. A loving pastor, a compassionate minister, a prophetic voice and an excellent writer. I cannot recommend Troy enough and have him as a regular guest on the GOD TV network around the world. Yours sincerely.

Ward Simpson
President and CEO GOD TV
I have heard it said, “Preach the gospel at all times, and if necessary…use words!” Troy Brewer is such a man. When he’s not rescuing young girls from the barbaric sex-slave trade in places you wouldn’t want to go yourself, he is pastoring a thriving church of several thousand in Burleson, Texas. He also writes anointed songs of worship, playing his guitar as a part of the worship team; he preaches a powerful word, and pastors with a compelling magnetism that speaks with authenticity into the hearts of God-chasers and the unchurched alike. When you meet him, you want to be his friend, because his best friend is obviously Jesus…with a capital ‘J’! I am proud to call Troy Brewer my friend.

Paul Wilbur

Troy brewer has been a friend and ministry colleague for over 10 years. I don’t believe I have
known a more passionate lover of God and servant to God’s people. His character and ministry
have been shaped in the fires of adversity and honed on the stone of service. He has
demonstrated the same spirit of generosity when in personal need as when in abundance and
he is unafraid to give his life away for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Troy is authentic to the
core and it is an honor to call him friend.

David Crone
Senior Leader of The Mission, Vacaville, Ca
Author of 8 books including Decisions That Define Us and The Power of Your Life Message.