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How real is The Sound of Freedom compared to the trafficking you’ve been involved in for 30 years?

The Sound of Freedom movie is very true to life to what we see, especially in nations controlled by drug cartels. The cartels are connected to the governments and the governments are run by these global elites who are fueled by money, witchcraft and Satanism. The kids we rescue are not just exploited for sex and child pornography. I can honestly tell you they are almost always ritually abused. It’s a sick system where these Luciferians believe they are doing humanity a favor by sacrificing our children to the devil. The church needs to not only stand against that, it needs to say, “Not on my watch,” get up and do something.

How does a child rescue happen through Troy Brewer Ministries?

While we have a team of drop-dead, sold-out Jesus freaks that go to these places and do whatever it takes, we mostly partner with indigenous ministries and Jesus-loving leaders in governments we can work with to locate these kids. We make a plan for how to house, feed and protect them first, then work with locals to extract them. Once we get them in our care, we continue to fund and grow these safe houses, schools, pregnancy clinics and children’s “forever” homes for as long as it takes.

Surprisingly, once we set these places up, they become a magnet for kids wanting off the streets. During the day, they have no one–literally nobody cares what they do during the day as long as they can be rounded up and trafficked after hours. About 25 percent of our kids knock on our door or the kids who we have rescued go out and find their friends and bring them back. Some of them have only been rescued a day or two and they are already rescuing others. These are little bitty kids and they’re doing more than most adults to save others.

How much does it cost to rescue a child slave through Troy Brewer Ministries?

About $20,000 each but that number includes aftercare, which is extensive.


What is the truth of the border crisis and trafficking?

Our border is a shameful place of open trafficking. We have boots on the ground there all day every day. We have ministry homes and partners who see it all firsthand and the media will not cover it. They will not look at it. This is not only an invasion on the Tex-Mex border, it’s an open invitation to be sexually abused and even trafficked by the worst people imaginable and people are lining up for it. The US government under the Biden administration is absolutely a key player in recruiting and funding these people coming from South and Central America. They even give the women and girls rape kits with “morning after” pills because they will, not might, be assaulted.

Whistleblowers have come forward in the US government and say tens of thousands of kids have been handed over to unvetted people and disappeared. With that said, our teams look for the kids who are on the street on their own or being openly prostituted out of dirty mattresses in alleys or cartel brothels. We snatch them up and take them to our safe houses where we tell them, “Nobody is ever going to hurt you again. Not on my watch.”

Truthfully, all of our kids–and I mean ALL of our kids–have been ritually abused. They’ve been cut, burned, and had things done to them in the name of satanism and Santeria that I will never speak out loud. Many of the 12- to 13-year-old girls have had forced breast augmentation surgery, which we pay to have taken out of their little bodies. All of them have sexually transmitted diseases and serious medical damage. We take care of all that mess. We pay for their treatment for as long as they need. We also see miracles of healing. We have several medically documented cases of our girls and boys with HIV being healed through prayer, worship, and the Holy Spirit.


Why is Troy Brewer Ministries so involved in countries outside of the United States when trafficking is also a rising problem here?

We are involved in the fight here, just in a whole different way. We come against pornography by helping people get out of that trash and the shame that comes with it. We come against the rising darkness of the culture and our people run for school boards, city councils, county, and state governments to stem the tide of social decay.

With that said, in most of these other nations, nobody is coming for these kids. Nobody. If the Body of Christ does not go into these other nations and say, “God sent us from the other side of the world to rescue you,” who is going to? Is Hollywood going to? The UN or governments of the world? They are some of the biggest obstacles we face.

There are good people and churches in these places, but they don’t have the money or connections to take trafficking head on or sustain it. If you rescue 20 kids, you have to take care of 20 kids until they can take care of themselves–and that’s years and years of commitment. We are privileged to work with Jesus freaks in these nations who are willing to do that just like we are, but their lives are at stake in unbelievable ways. We’ve literally had pastors we are partnering with get murdered for rescuing kids.

Here’s what you need to understand when you partner with Troy Brewer Ministries: We never go looking for ministry. We don’t go looking for kids to rescue. The Lord brings needs to us and that’s how we know we’re supposed to be involved in that. He brings the kids and He also brings the solutions.

What is the age range of the girls and boys you rescue?

Newborns and beyond. Our youngest rescue was being sold for sex in a virtual slave market in Southeast Asia. He was 38 hours old. We got him for $50 and that little boy now has a loving Christian mama and daddy who will protect him and make sure he knows King Jesus. The market for younger and younger kids is growing. It’s sickening to see.


Once they are rescued, what’s next for these kids? 

Security is first. The children are kept in “safe areas” that include gates and cameras, and we work with the police. Typically, we form alliances with the police and local authorities in the area who will respond quicker because they know what we are doing. Building relationships and connections we can trust with the locals are key in these areas. The children receive counseling from psychologists and psychiatrists. We have engaged social workers in many of our children’s safe houses.

As for personal aftercare for each individual child, there is no cookie cutter plan. We do everything relationally depending on each girl or boy’s situation. We give them Jesus, medicine, food, housing, education, job training, micro loans for small business – we find out what fits each girl’s needs and situation and that’s what we do. King Jesus is very personal with us, so we help them each in a very personal way. Some kids want to go to trade school, others, we’ve sent to college. One of our rescue kids is now studying to be a heart surgeon. Another girl who we rescued at four years old is now a stewardess for a major airline in India. Some people say, “Didn’t that cost thousands and thousands of dollars?” We say, yes it did, but why would care what it costs? We are a church, not a bank. Why do we need millions in savings when millions need saving?

How does Leanna’s ministry SPARK Worldwide and the OpenDoor family of ministries play a part in this?

I thank the Lord that He downloaded plan for my beautiful bride to start a ministry to orphans over 10 years ago. She’s next-level smart and next-level faithful. She followed His blueprint. She understands how to partner with local pastors and ministries, build orphans homes, schools, churches, clinics, dig water wells, and farm to sustain our villages throughout the world. It is through SPARK Worldwide (Serving Protecting And Raising Kids) that we maintain and sustain these kids. Troy Brewer Ministries does the rescuing, SPARK does the after-care in a way that I’ve never seen anyone else do. We literally give them a home, a family, a hope and a future in Jesus “for as long as it takes no matter the cost.” Once a kid is in a SPARK home or safe house, the recovery time is phenomenal because they get to be kids again and they know they are loved and protected.

Can I adopt a child?

Unfortunately, a very small percentage of children are placed through adoption. However, we are working towards getting all our children to forever homes as soon as it is safe. Safety first! It is important to note that the government of these countries will not allow adoption out of the country.


How can I get involved with Troy Brewer Ministries?

Our greatest need is committed ongoing financial support. We have our infrastructure and are building and improving upon it every day. We need money to fund rescues and sustain the vast network of safe houses, orphanages and beyond. It makes no sense to free a slave then turn them back over to the very same monster who abused them two years later because you didn’t understand you had committed to taking care of a child no matter the cost for as long as it takes. We are looking for people like us who say, “I can give on a monthly basis for as long as it takes. I’m all in and I’m not going to bail.” Those are the people who understand the importance of sustainability. It’s a fight to maintain freedom and we’re grateful for those who know it’s their place to take a stand.

Troy Brewer Ministries has constant big-ticket issues that arise, like the need for a building or compound to house a group of kids who need rescued. These immediate needs can be as little as $40,000 or as much as $400,000. We know a $4 million dollar project is right around the corner because the need is that great and Father God is saying, “If you trust me, I will trust you with these kids.”

We also have a need for a medical boat and funding for a team of doctors and nurses on the Amazon River. Not only can we rescue people from the demonic witch doctors looking for their next sacrifice, we snatch up trafficked kids along the river in need of medical care and get them into one of our homes so nobody will ever hurt them again. When the Lord brings us a new project, we don’t worry about the pricetag because we know He will bring the people to help us. We say yes even when there is no money in the budget and we trust Jesus to fund it through freedom fighters like you.

How can I be part of an actual rescue?

It’s a powerful urge to want to go kick down a door. It’s a gut reaction to want to jump into action, but the truth is, it’s all very strategic and planned. People’s lives are at stake if we mess up. Again, we work with fearless indigenous pastors and people who live and minister in these places. They need our brainpower, our resources, connections, and our ongoing financial support. I know that’s not as satisfying as the kind of rescue we see in the Sound of Freedom movie, and those do happen, but the vast majority of what the Lord brings to us is done in a very quiet and discreet manner. We’re stirring up a hornet’s nest by taking these kids from the cartels and covens, so we have to follow the lead and wisdom of our partners on the ground in the best way to do that, and it’s different in every situation.

Do you offer mission trips we can go on to have hands-on interaction with the children we rescue and sponsor?

As you can imagine, these are very delicate matters. Some of these children cannot go down the street without getting picked up by the cartel again. For their safety, we do not provide rescue missions you can attend. This is also for your safety. The more the cartels are involved, the more dangerous it is for us to take folks with us. However, stay tuned. We are compiling more and more ways you can help aid us and all our teams in the efforts to rescue children!


In your opinion, what is the root problem behind sexual slavery?

No. 1 is a non-kingdom worldview. No other religion or secular worldview sees people as intrinsically valuable. Only Christians say, “You are a child of God and are worthy to be treated with all kindness, respect, and dignity. Only Christians value life and freedom because Jesus does. Hindus and Buddhists across the world will say these kids did something in a past life to deserve this abuse. They are terrible abusers themselves. We travel to Africa all the time for missions and on every trip we see large groups of Christian girls dressed up in uniforms with Muslim head scarves waiting in the airports to be shipped to Muslim nations. They recruited as housekeepers, cooks and nannies, told they are signing a two-to-three-year contract. Most, if any of them, will ever see their family again. It’s right out in the open and the only crime these girls have committed is they are poor and pretty.

Number 2 is addiction to porn. It’s American and European men sexual tourists that cause much of the market. So many people say, “I’m not hurting anyone by looking at this,” but they’re fooling themselves. Our thoughts lead to actions. That’s why God wiped out the world with a flood in Noah’s time. “The thoughts of man were continually evil.” He didn’t have to judge them by their actions because He knew their thoughts. Porn doesn’t lead to anything positive so get your head out of that trash.

Number 3 is the demonic agenda trans agenda behind the sexualization of kids. It goes back to the days of Noah in Genesis 6 where the “sons of God,” or high-level angelic beings, saw the daughters of men were beautiful left their dominion to “take” wives of all they saw fit. We’re not talking about marriage here. Not at all. The devil was trying to defeat the Genesis 3:15 promise of a Messiah through the bloodline of Adam and Eve when God Almighty said, “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your seed and her Seed; He shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise His heel.” Satan’s agenda is to make something other than human beings. That same spirit is behind trafficking and telling women and girls, “You’re really a boy,” and men and boys, “You don’t know it, but you’re really a girl.” This spirit is confusing the sexes and sex. It has fueled a fire and made kids even more in demand to people who have bought into this sick demonic agenda.


Why is the church responsible to fight this crisis?

The role of the church is to get off our blessed assurance and help someone–even if they will never come to your church. We know God is good. Our job is to spread His Goodness even as evil is openly taking over our world.

So many Christians don’t believe God is good. They see hurricanes, sickness, violence, poverty, slavery and say, “If God is good, why?” The answer is God is good and evil is not. Those problems are OUR problems. Slavery is a human institution. God did not invent that, so we need to solve that problem. That’s why Jesus didn’t abolish human slavery or poverty while He was on earth. He abolished a much worse kind of slavery–eternal slavery to sin, death and Satan.

Again, our job as the church is to answer evil with good. I will not be impressed with evil because a little bit of good can overcome a whole lot of evil. But here’s the hard truth we learned through the pandemic and all the hell brought against the church during that time: The church needs to take back the authority it gave away to the government back in the 1960s. Our mandate from God Almighty is to take care of the widow, the orphan and the homeless and we handed them over to governmental agencies without a fight. The church became a cruise ship when it is supposed to be a battleship. The fight is on for the family, marriage, and the moral fabric of our nation and world. The church has the answers, but many are still asleep to the day we live in.


How did you get started rescuing girls from sexual slavery?

On a mission trip in Central America several years ago, we were feeding people in a trash dump when a nice looking little old lady and two skinny little girls came up to me. My friend who speaks Spanish told me, “This lady is a madam and she wants to know if you want these little girls for sex.” I was shocked. They were just tiny and starving. I paid her price–$90–and took them to one of our orphanages and told them, “King Jesus sent me from across the earth to set you free. Nobody’s ever going to hurt you again.” They are now all grown up and doing great.

Around the same time, I met a woman in the trash dump in Matamoros, Mexico, while we were doing an outreach there. Her name was Isabella and we were the same age. Her father owed the cartels money for a rental house they were living in and, rather than see them take her mother, Isabella became the collateral for that bad debt. She spent 10 years in a brothel and another seven or so digging for anything of worth in the stinking toxic waste that is the Matamoros landfill hoping to pay off her debt. When I asked what she owed, she pointed to a man in a truck who worked for the cartels. He literally pulls out a ledger-like book and tells me $600. Seventeen years of her life stolen for $600. We took up a collection from everyone on our ministry team. We emptied our pockets and paid her debt.

Leanna and I mortgaged our house seven times to buy slaves and set them free, and to set up orphans homes and villages. It’s not a smart business model, but by being faithful and not bailing even when things looked impossible, the Lord came through every time. He has blessed us with more and more responsibility because we stand like King David and ask, “Is there not a cause?”

What motivates you to do all this?

Redemption and transformation. That’s what the Gospel of Jesus is all about. We demonstrate the goodness of God – we demonstrate redemption be setting people free.


Girls are very vulnerable in Nepal. How does slavery work in these nations?

Most girls in Nepal are extremely poor and have no hope or future. They are easy pickings for traffickers posing as boyfriends or foreign employment agencies on Facebook and other social media sites. They are promised a good job as a hostess, housekeeper, nanny or shop girl. These are empty promises to lure them across the border into a brothel or one of the many instant on-line slave markets that feed this sick industry. a

We have pastors to intercept girls before they can be sold and identify girls in villages who are most vulnerable. We have homes and safe houses for them to continue to be kids. They go to school or vocational training, and never become a statistic. We have also paid for over 50 traffickers to be prosecuted and put behind bars for over 20 years in the national of Nepal. I’m very proud of that.

How does sex trafficking in India work?

In India, only the rich can access banks. Everyone else uses a loan shark for their needs, including housing. If they default on any loan, their wives and children are taken as human collateral. They are forced into prostitution and will never earn enough to pay the family debt. That’s where we come in. Our pastors and teams on the ground work with us to identify those we can rescue and we pay the price just like Jesus paid the price for our freedom. Again, we provide all after-care including education and job training so they can be independent and never be forced into slavery again.

How does child marriage play into this?

Poverty is the biggest factor in these nations. Many families have kids and they can’t feed them, so they marry their daughters off to much older men, even if they know they are monsters, just to get them out of the house. In both India and Nepal, girls are often married off between 12-18 years old. Some of these men have other wives, so these girls are often abused and abandoned. With nobody to help them, they are easy prey for traffickers.

How do Hindu beliefs play a key role in making these girls targets for trafficking?

In my opinion, the caste system is demonic. If you are born into poverty, you deserve that from a past life. It’s Karma so they are shunned. If someone helps them, they are shunned too – literally abandoned by their family and village. If a girl is raped, violated or abandoned by her husband after marriage, she is shunned by her family and village. If they are not shunned, they are often murdered in the name of their religion by those who believe they are doing them a favor by killing them in this life so they can maybe come back in a future life and not be slaves.