24-Hour Prayer & Resource Line 1.877.413.0888

24-Hour Prayer & Resource Line 1.877.413.0888


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Pastor Troy Brewer wants to make sure that you have one simple stop to find content that will bless you on a daily basis. As a bonus this is your one stop for all of his teaching and prophetic content.

By Partnering with us you join in to rescuing Human Beings out of the horrors of sexual trafficking


On ODX.TV,  you can:

– Rescue others
– Learn the meaning behind the numbers God has put in your life– Join Pastor Troy’s personal mentoring group
– Be inspired by our works around the world
– Find all of OpenDoor Church’s Sermons and Worship sets

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Great News!

The popular Pray App has chosen OpenDoor’s very own Pastor Troy Brewer as one of a select few of powerhouse speakers to kick-off its all-new Christian Leaders feature.


With Pray Plus, you will:

– Get alerts every time Pastor Troy Brewer uploads new content.
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– Experience the Bible with captivating Biblical Sagas.

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Watch the OpenDoor Experience and all of Pastor Troy’s teachings, conferences and exclusive videos with a monthly subscription to ODX.TV. This on-demand streaming service will not only bring you real life and transformation, your subscription helps Troy rescue girls and boys from the horrors of sex trafficking worldwide. Be the freedom fighter God called you to be. Sign up today!

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