I have given you an expected end – a destination. It is more than just living in My Kingdom. It is an assignment on this earth to prepare you for an assignment in heaven. You are up to the task, so go. Be fruitful and multiply the blessing I bring you.


One thing you need to know about your territory in Jesus is this: the map is always changing. What I’m about to say might surprise you.

Religion has told you you’re never going to have ups and downs and that’s a lie. It has told you God wants you to be happy and that if you’re good, you’ll always be blessed. Religion has told you that you’ll always win and never lose if you have faith. That is baloney.

God Almighty has not called you to win all things or be happy all the time. God Almighty has called you to be fruitful in all things and have joy even in mourning. You are not going to win every battle.

And the reason why the map always changes is because sometimes you lose.

Sometimes you have bad weeks. Sometimes your mama dies or the doctor gives you a bad report. Sometimes you don’t know how to think about things. Sometimes you get attacked, sometimes there are devils from hell coming after you through gossip, lies or slander.

Sometimes the Muslims or the liberal socialists are losing their minds and they draw you into a Twitter war. There are days you don’t know what to do about your finances or your job. Sometimes you stand up to the plate, take a swing and get your hat handed to you.

Do you know what God does on those days? He cheers you even in your loss. He says, “Did you see My kiddo get up there and swing for the fences? They missed, but they learned from this experience and they’ll get ‘em next time.”

Learning, growing, progressing – that’s fruit. That’ll change your borders. So go after more territory. Redraw those borders until your Father says you’ve arrived at your destination. It’s your destiny.

You have increased the nation, O LORD, You have increased the nation, You are glorified; You have extended all the borders of the land. – Isaiah 26:15