I know who you are, even when you forget. Call on Me when the enemy comes against your identity. Do not be fooled. He’s already lost the war. You may lose a battle, but will not be defeated by a defeated devil.


Anxiety is real. It’s a giant a lot of us fight and, my friends, it doesn’t make you a loser if anxiety stalks you. You all know I have a lot of plates in the air. Mission trips, rescuing girls, orphanages, TV shows, books, sermons series, food banks, family, being a husband – there are a lot of plates spinning in my life.

And all of a sudden anxiety will hit me. I’m talking about “crash the cart” kind of anxiety. I’m talking about when I’m at the top of my game, all of a sudden anxiety will hit me and I’ll go, “I’m not smart enough for this. I dang sure don’t have the money so how am I going to raise millions of dollars to help these people? Then everybody is going to think I’m after their money!”

I truly fear that people think that I’m after their money and what do you do with that? Sometimes, I’m just like, “I’ll just show up and preach then go home.”

What’s happened is a giant has entered into my assignment. A giant has stepped onto my battlefield. Now, here’s the deal: He ain’t going away. He has to be removed because once you start giving in to that fear, it’s over.

Once you let fear onto your battlefield, you’re either going to walk out of your assignment or you’re going to confront that thing and say, “I know who I am and you don’t tell me what a failure I am. Jesus says I’m a man of God. Jesus says I’m successful. Jesus says I can do this.”

Anxiety may be a giant, but you and I have the formula for putting giants on the ground. It only takes five smooth stones – five is God’s number for grace – and those stones are bold declarations. Remember in Ecclesiastes there is a time for every purpose under heaven. One of those times is a time to gather  (818) stones and a time to cast (818) away stones. Today, 8/18/18, is your day to gather these stones of identity and cast them at the giant blocking your path – the giant of financial debt is a good place to start.

  1. Fear, you don’t own me. Jesus Christ bought and paid for my freedom with His blood.
  2. I am not afraid. Jesus says I’m more than a conqueror in Him.
  3. I have the mind of Christ. My thinking is next level.
  4. My God is my fortress and my strength. He is my high tower. I run into Him and am saved.
  5. Through Jesus, I am mighty for the pulling down of strongholds in my life, so I’m pulling you down.

Those declarations are your identity. They are who God says you are and when you start speaking these words, giants don’t stand a chance. So, the next time the giant of anxiety calls you out, call Jehovah Nissi – God my Banner – onto your battlefield. He’ll remind you who you are and give you the stones you need to defeat anxiety.

We are destroying speculations and every lofty thing raised up against the knowledge of God, and we are taking every thought captive to the obedience of Christ… – 2 Corinthians 10:5