I Am the omniscient God – the ever-present, all-knowing Creator. You ask for My direction yet are afraid to follow. I will not lead you into calamity for My love for you is great. Trust Me. Trust My still small voice inside you.


For all of us who have a pioneer spirit about us, we’re the kind of people that are always pushing the envelope. There comes a place where we step across the line and the thing that has always worked no longer works here. That’s part of your upgrade.

It’s not a comfortable part of your upgrade, but one of the things you find in the Promised Land is the comforts you had are gone. Why? Because God is not offering you easier. He’s offering you better.

I don’t know that better is ever easier. Think of all the time you’ve wasted going after easier when you could have had better. “…and the manna ceased.” It wasn’t that supernatural signs, miracles, and wonders ceased, it’s that God moved from supernatural provision to supernatural strategies.

A huge part of your upgrade right now is that God is changing the counsel in your life –  your strategies, plans, goals and your worldview. God is changing all of that. It reminds me of this verse in the book of Isaiah:

“Behold, I will do a new thing…shall ye not know it?” – Isaiah 43:19

Do you think you’ll be able to wrap your head around this? Do you think you’ll be able to get a grip on this? The answer to that needs to be, “Yes.”

If you have recently found the manna ceased, the thing that’s always worked doesn’t work anymore, can I just encourage you, that’s just part of your upgrade. That’s just how it works. It’s normal to move into that place. And just because you’re scared doesn’t mean you don’t have faith.

Sometimes you just have to conquer your fear. Don’t be afraid to follow where God leads. It may be different. It may even be scary. Step up to your upgrade. Better is not always easier, but it is better.