My Spirit lives in you. That is one way I have dominion over your life. Take My Spirit with you wherever you go and look after My heart. Give it away to those in need. They are your territory and My Kingdom.


What does it mean that you “seek first the Kingdom”? To seek the first the Kingdom literally means that you look to put the interests of the Kingdom first in your life.

Whatever is important to the Kingdom – and to the King – should be important to you. If Jesus is the King, and you come across somebody who is shamed, how does the King rule and reign in that Kingdom? How does Jesus treat a person covered in shame?

If you belong to Him, you know how to love on and bless a shamed person, and give them honor just like Jesus. You know how to prophesy destiny over them and tell them that God’s not mad at them – that He loves them and sacrificed Himself to free them from the grip of death and hell.

As an ambassador of Christ, you should seek the Kingdom and take away that shame. You should answer evil with the goodness of God. So if you’re seeking first the Kingdom, that means you’re looking after the interests of the heart of Jesus in every single thing in your life.

When you do that, the King has dominion. That means He lives there.

There is no such thing as a king without a kingdom. There is no such thing as a kingdom without real estate. You are that real estate. You are the real estate that Jesus Christ wants to have dominion in. How do I know? It’s in His word.

“Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on this earth as it is in heaven…” – Matthew 6:9-10

Remember, you were created from the dust of the earth. You are literally ground, land, territory that Jesus wants dominion in. And He doesn’t want that territory to look like this fallen planet. His goal is for you to reflect heaven in your life.

Are you looking after the interests of the King’s heart? Seek first His Kingdom. Bring it to earth so He can move in and live there.