I do not need you. I want you! I want to dominion in every aspect of your life. I will not take it from you. I will only receive what is offered. If you need more of me, you need only to ask. I’m waiting to fill you full.


If you are satisfied with 30-fold Christianity – even though you are yielding a crop and I praise God for that – that means you’re okay with a 70 percent failure rate. I want to challenge you on that.

You’re not crazy for going after a 100-fold harvest. Folks tell me all the time I’m going to die because I have too many blades in the ground. My friends, that is what powerful Christianity looks like.

I’m not saying I’m a 100-fold Christian. I’m saying I’m going after it. It’s not something you do. It’s a lifestyle you live. Matthew 13:8 tells the Parable of the Sower. Some seed fell on good soil and produced grain, some 100-fold, some 60 and some 30-fold. Let’s go after 100!

What does this look like? How many conversations will you allow God to have with you at one time? A lot of people only hear one little piece of a Word, then another little piece of a Word and it takes them about a year to get a sentence out of God. That’s normal Christianity for most people, but it shouldn’t be.

You should be having multiple conversations with God in multiple levels of your life. What is God saying to you right now about your thought life? What is He saying to you about applying the Word of God to your life? Is He talking to you about your relationships, physical body, and your finances?

I could go on and on. If God Almighty can only have one conversation at a time with you, it’s going to be a long, time before you begin to see any kind of fruitful victory within your life. We have to let God Almighty deal with every aspect of our lives. Now, that’s 100-fold!

Other seeds fell on good soil and produced grain, some a hundredfold, some sixty, some thirty. He who has ears, let him hear.” – Matthew 13:8