My enemy is not as powerful as you believe. Worse than him is the in-a-me – the thoughts, attitudes, and habits that keep you from truly following Me. Come against them in My name and see victory over your circumstances.


The second enemy you must defeat in your Promised Land is ungodly kings. An ungodly king is something that doesn’t come from God that want you to partner with it instead of partnering with God.

It’s when you say, “Well, I’m saved, but this thing that’s in my life (addiction, habit, mindset, person) that God wants me to wipe out, I don’t need to wipe it completely out because I benefit from it sometimes.”

An ungodly king is really just a “friend with benefits.” You know what happens when you have a “friend with benefits.” You reproduce enemies – things that will rise up to kill you because you’re fighting the wrong battles.

When you fight the wrong battles, you lose. Then a trapdoor falls out from underneath you and you end up in the wilderness because you bailed on God. You have to learn not to bail on God again so you go back to the wilderness!

Here’s the thing you need to understand about making alliances with ungodly things in your Promised Land: you can’t keep the king without keeping his idol. There’s an idol involved in that and if you don’t tear down your idols, the result is foreign invasion.

God says, “If you don’t tear down the idols, I will allow foreign invaders to come in.” And you know what they do when they come in? They tear down every single house. They fill in very well. They destroy every vineyard, and you go back to the wilderness.

What do we learn in the wilderness? We learn not to bail on God. You understand how it works? Do you recognize this cycle in your own life? I’ve sure seen them within mine. So, recognize your ungodly king – that behavior, attitude or person who separates you from God. Wipe it out and claim your territory in the Promised Land.