I Am a God of process, so your life is also a process. I enjoy watching you progress even in a mess. Moving forward is what you were made to do. See how I bless each step and bring fruit despite your failures?


So, what do you do in any mess? You find out what God is saying concerning that thing. What is God telling you can actually happen in the midst of the mess and how do you sell out to make sure that thing happens?

This is about faith, hope, and love. Faith is hearing God speak about your mess. Hope is when you realize it can really happen and love is when you lay down your life to sell out for that end result. This applies really well to ministry.

There are three markers of ministry that Paul talks about: successful ministry, effective ministry, and fruitful ministry. First, don’t be so hard on yourself about places where you have not been successful.

God doesn’t expect you to be successful in all things. Just because you’re not successful doesn’t mean you can’t be impactful or effective. Just because things aren’t lining up the way you want them to, doesn’t mean the kingdom isn’t moving in and through you.

On top of being effective guys, we need to learn to be fruitful. There’s a brother by the name of Noah who was the most unsuccessful, boring, preacher the world has ever seen. The brother preached for 120 years, every single day and not one single person got saved. Think about that.

If you preached every day for even 10 years and never saw fruit, would you preach an eleventh year? That brother preached for a long time – 120 years. Noah didn’t see success, but we’re all here because Noah hung in there. He sold out and laid down his life.

That’s fruit from a mess. Jesus calls that success.

And now these three remain; faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13