I’m trusting you to live up to your destiny. That means you’ll live up to My Name. You are My child, My kin. Demonstrate the love I’ve shown you and you will never go wrong.


One of the most misunderstood concepts in the Bible is taking the Lord’s name in vain. Cussing by using His name is plain old blasphemy. Taking His name in vain is much, much more serious.

Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord your God in vain; for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that has taken his name in vain. – Exodus 20:7

It means we are responsible for demonstrating His name in a way that is life-giving because Jesus is life-giving. And speaking of giving us a life, Father God has given us each a destiny and it’s up to us to go after it. It’s like this…

“Troy, if I’m going to give you a church and I’m going to fill it up with people, it’s not going to be because of you. It’s going to be because of the name of Jesus. You better not rip those people off.”

“Hey, Troy. If people are going to show up because of how I’ve given you the name of Jesus, you had better demonstrate My heart. Do not take My name in vain.”

Taking the name of the Lord in vain means to come in His name with your own agenda instead of His agenda. It’s something I constantly have to be aware of and take stock of because it’s easy to fall into my own wants, ideas, and agenda.

There are tons of churches that have never cussed behind a pulpit but have taken the name of the Lord in vain in how they control people, rip people off, cuss and judge people, and just plain run them off.

Jesus loved. He protected and served. When He healed, the Bible says He “healed all because He had compassion on them.” Did He heal hands He knew were going to steal or enslave others? Did He open blind eyes that would lust after carnal things? We know He did.

And He did it because He was upholding the Father’s name that says, “Whatever your problem is, it’s not Me. I love you and I trust you with this healing, this blessing. Now, go and sin no more.” You and I should do the same. Fulfill your destiny by living up to the family name.