I am a God who knew you before time began. As your Creator, I love you even when you make bad choices. Nothing will change that. Nothing you can do will make Me love you more or less. My love is unconditional and everlasting.


    One of the reasons we see so many people saved in prison is because people get small when they’re locked up. Now, not everybody does, but some people get small in prison. It’s so important that you understand this principle.

    A lot of prisoners change their agenda, hopes, and goals and they don’t know what to do. They just get small.

    It’s in the context of getting still and small you’re able to hear the still, small voice of God. Every time He speaks to you, you’ll hear Him say, “I love you. I love you and you’re mine. I know it’s a hard world. I know you’re messed up, but I love you.”

    In prison, you’re danged if you do, danged if you don’t. If you do fall in love with Jesus, you’ve got all the religious critics saying it’s just fake “jailhouse religion.” If you don’t get saved and transform your life they’ll think prison didn’t work for you.

    Listen, the Body of Christ needs to celebrate any form of transformation any time anybody steps up to the plate and gives their heart to Jesus. Don’t judge that guy and wonder what their motives are. The only read we do this is because we think we’re so much better than other people.

    I want to say, if it wasn’t for the grace of God, this brother right here would be wearing a white jumpsuit and hoping and praying somebody would come and talk to me about Jesus. And if it wasn’t for the grace of God – I don’t care what you think – you would also be in prison.

    The heart is desperately wicked, who can know it?                          – Jeremiah 17:9

    Inside each one of us is a murderer – we slay people with words, looks and thoughts every day, admit it. It takes the grace of God to keep us from twisting off and following through on our thoughts. Grace. It’s worth celebrating, especially when a prisoner has been set free.