As a joint heir with Jesus, you have been given a territory in My Kingdom. It is your responsibility to steward it by preparing the fields, sowing and tending the crop – lost souls. I cannot harvest what you have not prepared. Receive your inheritance.


Here’s an interesting thought for you to chew on: In the Promised Land, you mind your own business. I like to call that the W.I.T.T.Y. principle, which stands for “What Is That To You?”

You don’t look over into my territory and go, “Oh, I need what Troy has,” because all that stuff that looks so good – those blessings – also have problems and challenges that go with them. Those things are what I can handle. I have the skills and anointing to prosper there. You don’t.

Let me tell you something very important to reaching your destiny: God has something better for you than I could ever give you. It’s a better blessing because it is uniquely yours. God created you and you only to inhabit this territory.

When you’re minding your business and working in your territory, and I’ve got my hand to the plow and my blinders on in mine, we call that being in “alignment for assignment.”

In the Promised Land you don’t wander around into other people’s assignments. Man, you find out what your assignment is and where your borders are. You seek out your territory and get totally dedicated to kingdom advancement in those things and that place.

Your territory can only be conquered by you. I will fail miserably if I wander into your ground and start hoeing and planting. If I’m in your land, I’m trespassing! Put up that “DANGER – Keep Out” sign and guard your territory as the precious possession it is.

And don’t look into my field or anybody else’s. Although it might look like the plants are bigger and greener, it’s a crop only I have the grace and anointing to steward. Only you can steward the territory God gave you. You have your own green thumb. Use it.

Jesus replied, “No one who puts a hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” – Luke 9:62