Just as My voice is powerful in creating and redeeming, yours is powerful too. The power of life and death is in the tongue. Choose life. Speak it over yourself and others. All of hell quakes as you declare My words.


Let me give you three tools to taking on hell with a water pistol and blasting the devil back to the spider hole he crawled out of – confession, proclamation, and declaration.

Confession, as I’ve told you, is all about admitting your junk. You do that by being real with King Jesus, then telling yourself and Him how much you love Him and you know He loves you. It’s about establishing relationship.

Proclamation is when you verbalize what you know God is doing because of the inside information that you have as a cherished son or daughter. It’s from a place of having personal encounters with God that you start understanding all the things God is doing in your life. When you proclaim those things, you activate angels and heavenly hosts to make them happen.

Declaration literally means “to make known.” Any time that you’re crossing borders, stepping into a new territory or going to the next level, you need to make a declaration.

Here’s what we’re going to do my friends: we’re going to make a confession, a proclamation, and a declaration and it changes things in your life. Heaven is going to applaud and hell is going to freak out. Say this with me…

I confess my love for Jesus and His love for me. I proclaim and make known that this is my year. This is a new season, a new time. I am full of overcoming victory. I declare the Lord will accomplish what concerns me. I will go further, higher, longer and get there faster than any year before. Obstacles will be removed and I will see alignment for assignment in Jesus name. Amen.

You know what? You just squirted that devil in the eye and he hates that! Become famous in hell. Confess, declare and decree. Overcome and break the enemy’s chains.