As your Heavenly Father, all I have is yours. I love to give to you all the riches of My Kingdom. You are joint heirs to this amazing gift. Use it to multiply and bring Me glory.


The Lord has hardwired increase and progression into His people. The disciples recognized their need for upgrade and they cried out to King Jesus, “Increase our faith!” (Luke 17:5) – and they weren’t talking about faith unto salvation.

They were talking about, “We realize we have this kind of faith, but dude, we do not have that kind of faith and we have got to have it!”

The people who follow the crowd and stay with the mob of acceptable cerebral faith will go no further than the crowd they run around with. So, don’t be surprised when God calls you out of your crowd because He will.

Here’s the truth according to Pastor Troy: the only way you’re ever going to find God the way I’m talking about – in a place where you’re living in consistent upgrade – is to follow Him into places the crowd doesn’t want to go. Messy places.

The lives of the lost and hurting, your buddy’s failing marriage, your friends floundering business, your kid’s social media account and your spouse’s fears and doubts. Those are places people work hard to stay out of because they don’t want to be responsible for helping someone.

“But Pastor Troy, what if they get mad at me? What if they don’t take my advice or want more from me than I want to give?”

Buck up buttercup! God doesn’t call you to have all the answers or solve all their problems. He just calls you to be with them and bring Him into the mess. The end result is His, not yours.

So fear not little children, for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the Kingdom. – Luke 12:32

Ditch the crowd. Follow Jesus. He wants to give you the Kingdom. There’s nothing to lose and everything to gain. Did you hear that? Gain! Upgrade, progress, grow – INCREASE – because staying where you are is not an option.