You confessed your sins to Me when I redeemed you. It is time to move on. Confess your love for Me and let Me know you have recognized My love for you. This will lead to relationship, blessing, and gifts beyond your imagination.


You and I are expected to partner with the Lord in the way we think, live, talk – in all those things, but talking has a special significance and power attached to it.

There are three prophetic verbal activations I want to bring to your attention today. I’m talking about confession, proclamation, and declaration. Confession is 30-fold, proclamation is 60-fold, and declaration is 100-fold.

If you’re going to progress and get to the place where you make declarations and you actually advance – because declaration is all about advancing – you have to learn how to confess.

What is confession? It is not sitting in a little booth telling your pastor or priest every sin you’ve committed this week. Confession is simply verbalizing the secret things of your heart. The Bible says when we seek we find. When we ask He answers.

Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and he with me.                              – Revelation 3:20

Jesus is not knocking with His hand. He’s speaking a Word into your life and knocking literally means connecting to what God Almighty is speaking. Likewise, when you confess, you don’t knock with your hand. You knock with your voice.

When you get saved, this process starts by confessing your sins. After you’re saved, you find out that God Almighty cherishes you. You begin to confess out loud how God cherishes you and how you’ve learned to cherish Him in return.

Those confessions come from your history with God. All of us have a history that is not redeemed, and I want to tell you something: it’s no good to you. Your history outside of redemption does not help you and for you to constantly refer to it concerning your own identity is a tremendous mistake.

Want a prophetic outpouring in your life of 30, 60 or 100-fold? Put your history in the past. Start by confessing your love for Jesus and the ways He has shown you He is crazy about you in return. Once you learn to confess, you can begin proclaiming and declaring – but those are lessons for another day!