I have told you, I have a plan for your life and it’s good. You must have a plan. You will not reach your goals without one. If you have trouble coming up with one, partner with Me and I’ll help you. With man, things may seem impossible, but with Me, nothing is impossible.


Kingdom work is not for wimps. It’s tough. This is something you need to learn. I have been a church builder for 21 years and this is something I just learned three years ago.

Our church had a congregation of fewer than 100 people for the first 12 years and less than 200 for the first 16 years. We nearly starved to death. My kids didn’t get new clothes. I went five years without being able to buy my wife a single thing.

When I finally saved up enough money to buy her a suit we went through our very first church split. People believed I was becoming all “hoity-toity” and spending recklessly. It was the first time I had bought her new clothes in five years and we had a church split over it. I’m still mad over it, to tell you the truth.

I forgive them, but I’m going to let that keep me passionate. I can choose what I’m mad over and what I’m not mad over. It’s not of the devil to be mad. The Bible doesn’t say, “Don’t get mad.” It says,

“Be ye angry, and sin not…” – Ephesians 4:26a

God wants you a little bit fired up. That’s why this verse tells us to get fired up, but not to cross the line into sin. Let me tell you what fires me up: Why did I cater to those knuckleheads for all those years? I learned I need to have Kingdom objectives instead of their objectives.

If you’re in church or ministry for very long, you learn that and it’s a painful process. People form mobs and do things no right-minded person would ever do. Don’t jump on that bandwagon and, by glory, do not fear it and fold. This is wimp-free Christianity.

Like Jesus, know your objective – your goal – and set your face toward it just as He consciously went to the cross. The Word says He did it “for the joy set before Him.” Your reward is the same.