As a good Father and sacrificial Brother, I understand grace. I created it to bridge the divide between us. Grace can also bridge the gap between you and your children. They are My children too. Use My grace to bring them into their destiny.


Brother Samuel, the greatest of the Old Testament judges, was one of the most awesome prophets there was. He pleased God in such a tremendous way. He lived a life consecrated unto the Lord.

Unfortunately, his kids were so bad, the children of Israel said, “We don’t want judges anymore. We need a king,” and they went and rose up Saul. They opted for a curse on the entire nation because of Samuel’s family life.

The reason godly human beings make this mistake over and over again is they think, “If my walk with God is awesome, it’ll just work out with my family. My kids will be OK because I am.” Newsflash! It doesn’t work like that.

I don’t care how solid you are in the family of God, if you don’t bring the Kingdom into your household here, you’ll have t-total hell with your family all the way up to your deathbed.

That’s not you. God Almighty has something better for you. There is a grace on you to reach your kids that your parents would have never had a clue about. You must partner with the Holy Spirit to reach this new generation.

You can’t raise your kids the way your parents raised you. In today’s society, which is designed to kill relationships and promote drama and selfishness, you need what only the Lord can offer: there is a grace on you that is significantly higher than what was on them. The Bible says so.

“Where sin does abound, grace does much more abound.” – Romans 5:20

When I tell you the Lord has saved the best of every bloodline for these last days, I’m telling you the truth. There is so much He’s trusted you with. So many lost souls who need to find Him and He wants to partner with us and our kids in that.

You cannot parent on autopilot at this time in history. There is too much at stake. Pray for your kids. Teach them the Bible. Speak destiny into them with strong declarations about who they are to Jesus and what they are to do for His Kingdom. Love them and lead them into the Kingdom. Claim your higher grace!