Unity is a conduit for My power. As these days grow shorter and darker, use the power of unity to bring other Christians into deeper relationship with Me. Strengthen the Body, My Bride, by offering My abundant life.


Make no mistake – Jesus was a man on a mission. John 10:10 spells out His mission statement and it should be Yours as well.

“…I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.” – John 10:10b

“More abundantly” is code for “upgrade.”

The most important thing you and I as drop-dead, sold-out Jesus freaks have to offer the lost and hopeless is life. The world cannot offer life, and often, neither can the Church because there is too much division.

You need to understand this truth of our times: the competition of the Church, even this church, is not other churches. The competition of the Body of Christ is anything out there that claims there is life outside of Jesus. The enemy is addiction, porn, gossip, slander, anger, entertainment, sports, Hollywood – the things that distract us from God.

As part of the Body of Christ, it is your responsibility to present the Truth – Jesus – and say, There is no life in this, but there is in Him. Where there used to be death, now there is life. Where there used to be darkness, now there is light. Where there used to be orphans, now there is family. Where there was loneliness, now there is acceptance.”

That’s how redemption works and that’s the power of supernatural upgrade.

You and I need to be about that business because we’re plugged into what God Almighty is doing in us. Because God is consistently upgrading my life and bringing me from darkness to life, you know what? I’m going to be about the business of upgrade.

What about you? Are you treating the church down the street like an enemy? Are you bringing the Truth to the world?  It’s time to bring abundant life – upgrade – to the church and beyond. Let that be your mission statement.