When trouble comes, look to Me. I Am your source, your shield and your Savior. Your identity comes from Me. Trouble doesn’t define you. I do.


It is the plan of the enemy to cause anything negative or demonic in your life. He wants that event to shape the rest of your life.

I see so many people who burn down their harvest field because something happened and they decide it’s a game-changer and they’re never going back to it.

They have years and years invested in this field, and the relationship goes bad, the job is lost, the kids rebel or the test comes back positive, and they draw a line in the sand and burn the field.

When you’re watering and feeding thorns instead of watering and feeding the Word of God within your life, you partner with the enemy. Instead, you should be partnering with the Holy Spirit because your identity doesn’t have to come from those terrible things. Your identity comes from the Lord.

He’s the One who gets to say who you are. That’s right, Jesus has a right to tell you who you are because He’s the one Who paid a terrible price for you.

The bottom line is this: you have to learn how to magnify the Lord instead of a crisis. Why? Because that crisis is always going to come, sure as sparks fly upward. You can’t twist off. You have to be committed to the harvest.

But man is born unto trouble, As the sparks fly upward “But if I were you, I would appeal to God; I would lay my cause before him. He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” – Job 5:7-9