You were not only made for such a time as this, My plan for you was set in My heart before your birth, but only you can fulfill your destiny. Come into alignment for your assignment and watch your borders expand.


The Promised Land is not just an open place, it’s an assigned territory. While the Promised Land is huge, I’ll tell you right now, there are borders to it.

God Almighty will say to you, “I want you to cultivate, steward, and to fight for what I’ve given you – not for what I’ve given to someone else. You’re grown up enough now to know this is the life I’ve given you. You can take it as deep and as far as you want to, but these are the borders.”

Everything in the  Promised Land is strategic. You go from a shotgun to a laser beam. He gives you an assignment. He assigns you things in the Promised Land. There is nothing random. You begin to walk in very specific things in the Promised Land and you begin to build up very specific skill sets.

In Promised Land living you have specific territory and specific assignments. That comes from Jesus Himself in the book of John.

“As You sent Me into the world, I also have sent them into the world.” – John 17:18

Jesus came into the world for specific assignment. Just like He was sent into the world, you and I are sent out into the world in our Promised Land experience for a specific assignment.

So many people in the body of Christ are ineffective because they’re in the wrong assignment. Many people love God with all their heart and have no power at all. All their energy goes toward things that do not matter. But that’s not you!

You know how to fight for what matters. You have to fight for your assignment. Just look for the borders and steward what’s inside them.