I love it when you ask for My advice, guidance and provision. I Am so glad that you trust and obey, so continue! Your obedient heart makes Me smile and draws others to My goodness. I Am so proud of you.


I love it in the Bible where God tells Moses He will grant him one of the desires of his heart with the words “I will do what you ask.” Before you go thinking God is our genie in a bottle to control, let me tell you He most certainly is not. He does, however, reserve the right to reward us, and God was pleased with Moses.

What charges me up isn’t that God made the offer, but that Moses had experienced enough of God’s goodness, spent so much time talking to him as a friend, that he requested something so outrageously cool, it still blows us away today:

“Show me Your glory.” – Exodus 33:18

I don’t know that I would have thought of that, but Moses did. He had glimpsed something in God’s character that he knew he had to have more of – God’s goodness! His Glory!

I believe glory is when your right relationship with God becomes manifest in your life – real and tangible. Moses so wanted to go from glory to glory. Like him, if you and I go after God’s glory, we’ll move from deep to deeper places in His presence.

That’s why the Bible says in Psalms 42:7 that “Deep calls unto deep…” God takes us into the extraordinary and gives us a glimpse of eternity with Him.

From everlasting to everlasting – Psalms 41:13

Want to join me in going after God’s glory? The fringe benefits of a deeper and everlasting relationship are yours for the asking – so ask!

Today is a good day to pursue the glory of God. Like Moses, come before your King and ask for a glimpse of His ultimate goodness. You will never be the same!

From my book Living Life /Forward