I AM Good. Even when the world is in chaos and evil finds you, I Am Good. I have promised to work all things for your good. Do you believe it?


Knowing that God is good, right now, and that His goodness can show up any time in the and of the living – that speaks of a time frame.

Yes, His goodness can show up right now and answer this evil – whatever evil you are facing right now in your life.

This revelation is so important. It is so fundamental. You will lose your heart and give up if you cannot get past “someday.”

Right up until the time Moses showed up, every Hebrew slave living in Egypt, though they were God’s people, the only thing they could put their faith in was “someday.” Someday they would be delivered.They couldn’t put their faith in anything else.

They could talk to you about how God had done great things through Abraham, long ago. And they could tell you about “someday” the Lord will send us a deliverer. But in the meantime, we’re slaves. The mark of a slave is “someday.”

People who live in bondage and people that live in slavery, all they can say is, “someday.”

We are not slaves. We are children of the Almighty God and we know God today, not just “someday.” And Jesus Christ Himself said this:

“It is the Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” – Luke 12:32

And He wasn’t talking about “someday.” He is giving it to you today. Today! Have you taken hold of it? You are not a slave! Jesus is good TODAY. Do you know it?

From my sermon series EXODUS