I love it when you seek My presence. I enjoy your company and delight in your pursuit of My word. I am with you wherever you go. Be filled with My Spirit.


When Jesus showed up after His resurrection, He said something startling: “It is a greater benefit to you that I leave.”

Can you imagine what a crazy thing that was to say? The disciples had to be thinking, “How could I possibly be better off if Jesus Christ left me physically?” That’s what I would be thinking.

He said, “Because I will send my Holy Spirit.” And that’s not going to be a “long time ago” thing or a “long time in the future” thing. That’s going to be a “right now” thing.

It is important that you walk in the power of God and have victory in your life, right now.

If you don’t believe Jesus Christ can show up in your life today and change things, you’re going to get caught on a bad day and you’re going to fall out.

King David understood that. That’s why he said this:

“I would have fainted (lost heart, would have given up) unless I had believed that I would live to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. – Psalm 27:13

How did David get through all those difficult times? He lived in a constant awareness that God was with him, right now. David couldn’t make Him do anything, but he was aware that God was good – right now – and that His goodness would show up.

While David was visited by the Holy Spirit, you and I are indwelled by Him – right now, this very second. It’s hard to imagine something better than hanging out with Jesus – God with us – but there is. We are in His constant presence as God in us, right now.

From my sermon series EXODUS