I am the Captain of the Lord’s armies and you were designed for battle – a warrior fashioned in My Own image. Take up your sword – the Word – and go after more territory. Push the enemy back into the hole he crawled out of. You are mighty!


You guys know I’m all about upgrade, right? Upgrade is the kingdom part of me that says, “I don’t have to live in a wilderness experience where everything is exactly the same for forty years, because I’ve learned to depend on God. Now I can go into the place where everything is about partnership and advancement.”

Partnership and advancement. That is what Promised Land living is all about.

When it comes to partnership, it’s all about living life with Jesus. Jesus is Immanuel –  “God with us.” Now that’s the perfect picture of partnership.

Living life with Jesus is what living in the Promised Land is all about. And can I just tell you something about Jesus living with you? He doesn’t hate your humanity. He likes the human side of you.

He likes the side of you that drives other people crazy. He created us as human beings, but here’s the deal: we are new creatures in Him.

It’s not just about you being human or even you being godly. It’s about you being a godly human now. That’s what Jesus is, amen. He is with you right now, partnering with you for Kingdom advancement.

Advance into what, you ask? Better things! Ministries, mission trips, fearlessness to testify to strangers, more territory to influence others, prophetic gifts, financial prosperity to sow back into the Kingdom work that floats your boat. All of these things are better!

Are you looking for better? Do you want to advance into a fighting machine that takes on hell with a water pistol and wins? The devil should get up every morning and groan when he hears your voice, “Oh, no! They’re talking about Jesus again…”

Jesus wants to partner with you in that place. It makes Him smile when He hears the enemy crying like a baby because you are advancing through his territory. Plant your flag and tell that cosmic punk to get lost in Jesus’ name!

I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you. – Luke 10:19

From my sermon series MILK AND HONEY