Even without seeing My face, you know Me. You know My character and My thoughts toward you, which are always good. Always. Show that goodness to others and continue to bring the lost into our family.


Some folks think it would be great to know what Jesus looks like. They would like to have a holy mug shot so they can “relate” to Him. Not me. I like the myriad descriptions and the wonder of focusing on His heart instead of His head.

Just like the surprise of seeing my babies for the first time in the delivery room, I’m anxiously awaiting the joy of our first face to face encounter where I can look Him in the eye (after falling on my face in amazement to worship Him) and say, “I recognize you! I saw you in….”

Yes, we’ve seen Him and experienced Him. We will know Him. Prophetically, when Isaiah wrote about Jesus’ features, he said,

“…He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, there is no beauty that we should desire Him.” – Isaiah 53:2

That’s as close to Jesus’ mug shot as we’ll get here on planet Earth. You won’t find scriptures like this in the Bible:

“And He stoodeth at six foot two with blue eyes and jet blackish hair. Yea, his countenance was muscular and his skin complexion was olive as seth common among the Jews.” – Troy’s Bizarre Bogus Bible Translation

Out of 31,000 scriptures testifying to the Lord Jesus Christ, there are no descriptions of how Jesus actually looked in human form. I am convinced that God did this on purpose.  Do you know why? Because those testimonies tell us exactly what Jesus looks like. Are you ready? Jesus looks like GOODNESS!

Today is a good day to look Jesus in the face then share His goodness with someone who needs Him. Give the the opportunity to say, “I recognize you…”

From my sermon series JESUS UNVEILED