Your Father has a plan for you and it is good! He’s inviting you to transform to the image of that plan. He is awaiting your “Yes and Amen!”


You’ve heard it time and time again: Change is the only constant. If this old saying is true, and it is, why do you and I resist change so frequently and fervently? Heck, many of us just plain fear change.

That’s not a Kingdom way of thinking. I don’t want to stay the same and neither should you. If you’ve been walking with Jesus, you should have an insatiable thirst for moving forward, increase and upgrade in your life.

This awesome verse sums up why we need to embrace change and move forward.

“Why sit we here until we die?” – 2 Kings 7:3

This guy has the right idea. Sitting around, resisting change because you fear the future brings nothing but death! Choose to live a powerful life. Choose serving others, bringing heaven to earth and going after upgrade in your relationship with your King.

Has a fear of change kept you from moving forward? Comfort is the enemy of upgrade, so get up, follow Jesus and let Him lead you into some cool places where you can make an eternal difference.

Remember, Father God sees us for all that we can be, not what we are! Be constantly changing for the better as God moves you forward into bigger and better things.

Repent of sitting on the sidelines. Throw your comfort aside and go after God’s will for your life. Your destiny awaits!

From my sermon series I LOVE MY TRIBE