You are starting to understand Me more and more. You are beginning to love what I love and hate what I hate. As My priorities become yours, you will see yourself and those around you transformed to My likeness. Pursue My heart!


The harvest only happens if you cooperate with God and work with His agenda. That means you have to be responsible enough to ask yourself, “What kingdom agendas do I have? What has the counsel of God brought into my life and wanted to get done?”

It’s very important for you to develop real skill sets to accomplish a kingdom agenda – not just your own. You can’t just sit around hoping it’s going to happen.

If you’re going to see a harvest, there are  three different steps you need to cooperate with God on.

First, is Kingdom objectives. What is God’s will and His heart? You need to ask yourself “If Jesus was ruling and reigning in this situation what would it look like? What can I do to make that happen?”

Next, you need some Kingdom strategies – that means knowing His ways and values. What does God make a big deal out of? Those things should be part of your strategy.

Last, you need some Kingdom tactics, which are Godly actions and steps.

The steps of a godly man are ordered of the Lord… – Psalm 27:23

When you start to seek after these three steps and get intentional about bringing a harvest to Jesus, you’ll see these things falling into place. You’ll see a harvest in your marriage, your kids, your job, finances, ministry – whatever area of life you choose to get a Kingdom agenda about.

So what field are you going to plow and plant first? Get some Kingdom objectives for that area of your and get to work. God will back you up!

From my sermon series LORD OF THE HARVEST