When things are looking up, don’t be looking down. Ask Me to give you an eye to see and an ear to hear what I have for you. Don’t settle for less than My best.


People who partner with God are empowered to walk in supernatural favor. They see signs and wonders. They see supernatural breakthrough.

I’m just now beginning to have mastery in some parts of my life. I’m also becoming aware that there are other areas that need upgrading. I should have started messing with those a long time ago, but that’s on me. Nobody’s going to make me get up early in the morning and seek the Lord.

Still, I’m favored because I’ve partnered with God on many things, including the Open Door Food Bank. We’re now feeding thousands of hungry people millions of pounds of food every year. That’s a big upgrade from giving away bread out of the back of my truck.

I’ve been favored as a pastor who traveled the world in business class despite not having the money to pay my electric bill. The Lord caused a mighty man of God to donate his frequent flyer miles to my ministry.

He’s also favored me by hooking this ministry up with Pastor Gloria Gillispie, who literally gave me the keys to this multi-million-dollar church complex because God told her to.

Favor will cause things to go your way, even things you weren’t looking for. People you never met will join your cause, give you great advice, and help you advance. Signs and miracles will start popping up. Supernatural finances will kick in and there’s no stopping you – unless you stop you.

Partner with the Holy Spirit and take on new territory, face the giant, and say, “Not on my watch, you devil from hell.” Offer salvation to the lost and give the glory to God. Jesus is counting on you to be a giant killer today so He can show you favor for many years to come.

For he who finds me finds life and obtains favor from the Lord. – Proverbs 8:35

From my sermon series MILK AND HONEY