I’ve given you a field as your circle of influence. Prepare it by plowing into it, sowing, watering, and eventually harvesting it. I love watching you work the field. As it fills, I will expand your territory.


The harvest doesn’t just happen and it definitely doesn’t happen because you are saved. The harvest isn’t guaranteed, yet the harvest is expected by God.

The responsibility for the harvest is not in Father’s camp. It’s in your camp. You have to be intentional about your relationships and your purpose.

The Lord might say, “There sure are a lot of weeds and a bunch of rocks in your harvest field. I noticed that you never plowed it, and I noticed you’re not committed to my harvest. Do you want one?”

You need to ask yourself that. Do you want to see a harvest?

Do we want to see unredeemed parts of our life become redeemed? You say, “Wait a minute. I’m saved.” You may be saved, but that doesn’t mean your whole life is walking in redemption. You’re body is dying right now because it’s not fully redeemed.

Is your marriage fully redeemed? Your family life, job or finances? Plow up those places where the ground is hard. Throw out the rocks with prayer and pull up the weeds with praise and thanksgiving. Go after a harvest in the areas that need redemption.

You know what they are. If you have a relationship with the Lord of the Harvest, set up a tent in His presence. Grab onto His power and let Him redeem that fallow ground so something good can grow.

Then he said to his disciples, “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.    – Matthew 9:37

From my sermon series LORD OF THE HARVES