I have set a shift in your heart and your mind. Where you once said, “No,” you will now say, “Yes!” You cannot increase the harvest when you say, “No.” Expect an abundant harvest in this new place!


Every one of us is a creature of comfort. We like things to go our way, not be too hard or too inconvenient. Well, guess what? God is not going to send or invite you into comfortable places. Nope.

That’s why He gives you His Spirit that He called, “the Comforter,” because He doesn’t invite you into any comfortable places. He just doesn’t.

He says, “You’re going to be in a place where you’re out of your league, over your head, not surrounded by people who love you and think you’re awesome. You’re going to be completely uncomfortable. But, I’ll be your comfort instead of the place I’m sending you.”

The Bible clearly says the Lord of Harvest expects a return on His investment in you.

“Therefore, pray the Lord of the Harvest to send out laborers into His harvest.”  – Matthew 9:38

We are all laborers and that includes you! The problem is not the seed, or the ground. The problem is not enough laborers. Laborers are people who are willing to do the work toward the harvest of lost souls.

Are you willing to take on the agenda of the King? To commit to the Kingdom and plant seeds of truth, water them with love and watch the Lord of the Harvest bring in His crop in your life and the lives of those you touch?

Today is a good day to be uncomfortable. Get your hands dirty by tilling the soil of lost people’s lives. Plant a Kingdom seed!

From my sermon series LORD OF THE HARVEST