What’s the one place where you feel defeated the most? That is where I am. I will give you strength in that area. I will make you an overcomer. Lay it down. The battle is Mine!


You need to understand that while redemption is yours, redemption is not at work in every area of your life.

If you’re saved, your spirit is 100 percent redeemed, but your mind is in the process of being redeemed. Some day, your body is going to be redeemed.

Some day. You have the promise of someday and that day is up to you.

There are parts of your promised land – marriage, finances, wants, relationships – where there are still Philistines (enemies) in your land and they need to be dealt with. They are not going away. They’re not just going to pack up and say they don’t want this place anymore.

No, you’re going to have to kill them. You’re going to have to chase them down and cut the heads off of debt, infidelity, trust issues, selfishness, unbelief or whatever you’re thorns and thistles are.

You may not feel like a warrior, but if you’re tired of the thorns in your life, you’ve got to chop them down. You may look at the task ahead and say, “Lord, that field’s too big for me. I’m not smart enough. What if all I get from my efforts is a bunch more weeds?”

That’s where redemption will meet you. It shows up when you start hauling off the rocks and tearing out the thorns. It shows up when you get committed about an area of your life you want to put under the King’s dominion.

It takes action and effort to bring redemption to the strongholds of your life. Are you willing to go there? Can you do what it takes to plow dead things up so that Jesus can redeem them? Now that’s a harvest worth working for.

For thus says the Lord to the men of Judah and Jerusalem. “Break up your fallow ground and do not sow among thorns.” – Jeremiah 4:3

From my sermon series LORD OF THE HARVEST