The boys at NASA have done it again. They have gone and blown our minds with another giant discovery about the universe.

May 11, 2016: “Kepler scientists announce a major increase in confirmed exoplanet numbers.” Yes, the smart guys here on planet Earth say they have found 1,284 new planets using the Kepler planet-hunting telescope. They are speculating many of them could be inhabitable.

While I appreciate and am fascinated by the work those 50-pound heads do there, I sometimes scratch my head over their conclusions. I realize I’m just a country boy from Joshua, Texas. I’ve never been to college and there are no capital letters behind my name, but God has blessed this brother with the gift of logic.

Logic and intelligence don’t always go hand in hand. Things just make sense or they don’t. Logic.

Take creation. We were told in school, and kids today are still told that the Big Bang Theory is how the universe was formed. The logical question you and I should be asking is, “If a giant explosion of nothing made everything, why are all the planets round?”

You see, explosions don’t bring order. They create by their very nature, chaos. Simple logic tells us we can go to the edge of town and blow up a rock quarry 1,000 times and never walk away with even five nice round marbles. Never.

Strike one, smart guys.

Logic also tells us that we can’t make something out of nothing. Creation requires ingredients. Take all the nothing in the universe and blow it up. It will never make a rock, metal or even gas (aka elements: our basic building blocks so scientists tell us). Never.

That would be strike two.

However, my high school science teacher did tell me something that stuck with me. And I think NASA and scientists everywhere are right about this because it’s not only intelligent, but logical. Are you ready for this? Watch the logic flow:

All matter is made of atoms. 

Yes, scientists tell us all matter is made of atoms. And they tell us that atoms do what? They move.

Remember biology class? I sure do.

Now, scientists also tell us that if atoms move, they are giving off energy. That makes perfect sense! Something moving would have to give off energy. That’s just plain logic. However, that’s where the high school science books and college lectures stop. Bang! Subject closed.

Not so fast. Let’s continue down this road of logic just a few more steps.

If matter gives off energy, it is also, scientists tell us, giving off what?

Sound waves.


Yes. Remember, scientists agree, and logic, in my book, backs their theory up.

And what is my book? The history of the universe and mankind – the Bible. It says in Genesis chapter 1 that God spoke the world into existence. That His voice, His words, brought atoms together to make matter. BANG! God spoke. It happened.

There is something about the voice of God that makes matter and everything in the universe bears witness to this! So when the Bible tells us in Luke 19:20 that if we fail to recognize Him as King of Kings, “the very stones will cry out,” guess what? Scientists tell us they can! The atoms in dense matter like rocks are moving very slowly and would give off a sound so low, the boys at NASA haven’t built a machine to hear it yet. Still, they agree it’s there.

Now, take the next step of logic: the Book says God spoke the universe into existence — so sound waves are the signature and proof of the creator. The fingerprint of the designer.

What’s even better is that John 1:1-3 gives that designer a name.

“In the beginning, was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning. Through Him all things were made.”

Bam! You see, the creator side of God was named the “Word.” Do you recognize Him? Keep reading.

“And in Him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.” – John 1:4

Right back to the creation story when God said “Let there be light” and followed that up by speaking plants, birds, fish and animals into existence. Life and light. Do you see the logical flow?

“The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us.” – John 1:14

Before coming to earth as a six pound Jew and taking the name Jesus, Jesus was known throughout Heaven as “the Word.” It was His name and the very essence of who He is! Even the rocks can testify to that!

So the next time NASA tells us they’ve made a new discovery to prove there is no God and the universe magically created and continues to create itself, remember, through atoms, scientists have already testified to Jesus as creator. They’re just too smart to follow the logic.