For more than twenty years I have often visited the shrine of Texas independence on the date of the anniversary of the final siege. It means a lot to me. I especially appreciate the anniversary service that happens just before day light. A somber ceremony with bagpipes, women holding thirteen candles, speeches in both Spanish and English, and rein-actors from the San Antonio Living History Association.

The goal of the Living History Association, according to their website, is to promote greater understanding of San Antonio’s rich heritage using authentic skills of living history interpretation in schools and at historic sites in San Antonio and Texas.

But there is another army invading Texas today that is even more sinister than the dictator Santa Anna who arrived here 180 years ago, and he arrived raping, destroying, killing, and burning the bodies of those he victimized. The goal of these new invaders is to pervert, destroy, and distort any real understanding of San Antonio’s rich heritage by using schemes of political correctness and threats of racism. In the name of what they call “historical complexities” they turn the defenders of the Alamo into villains and canonize the Saint they call Santa Anna. The complexities are perpetuated by the very people who distort the undeniable simplicity of the Texas revolution.


Here’s the real Texas History that will outrage the revisionist history teachers with agendas other than truth. Get ready to have your pucker meter pegged!

  1. The defenders of the Alamo are the good guys and the invading Mexicans are the bad guys.
  2. The battle of the Alamo was not between white people and brown people but between freedom-loving people and freedom-opposing people. Some of the most heroic defenders of the Alamo were Latino Texans, and even the majority of white people involved had previously been Mexicans!
  3. David Crockett did not surrender and there were no such things as Mexican soldiers who had the option of showing mercy under the rule of Santa Anna.
  4. Travis was honorable and good to his men, and Santa Anna was despicable and called his men the equivalent of “chickens” and cared not for their slaughter.
  5. While Travis prayed and wrote inspiring letters for help from within the Adobe walls, Santa Anna cheated on his wife with unwilling captured participants.
  6. Everything about the Texans holding out at the Alamo points to selflessness and a greater good, while everything about the murderous march of Santa Anna points to the cowardice of a hateful dictatorship.
  7. TEXAS has been a wonderful place to live and thrive because these brave men laid down their lives for the cause of freedom.
  8. San Antonio is wonderful because it is in San Antonio, Texas and not in San Antonio, Coahuila, and that should be celebrated by all of us.
  9. The Alamo means everything to Texans and freedom-loving people throughout the world because it is the symbol of bravery towards terrible darkness. It means selflessness is godly and freedom is holy.
  10. The Alamo is important to liberals in San Antonio because it brings in tens of millions of dollars from the 2.5 million visitors it hosts every year, and with that money they promote a culture and propaganda that is against the very people who died on its grounds.

I was told by several actors from the Living History Association that this year would be the last that there would be reenactments because the heroic portrayal of the Texans was too offensive to the liberals and “certain groups of people.” That is a shame, and the cowards perpetuating this should be exposed and run out of town. To those who serve the idol of political correctness: it’s ironic that these same guys you demonize are the ones who paid the price for you to be able to slander them. You would not enjoy such liberties under your hero Santa Anna.

So like my Hero, William Barrett Travis, I answer your arrogance with a cannon blast. May the truth prevail and may liberty and selflessness be celebrated in Texas, in Jesus name! Oh, there’s a name too, I’m sure you are offended with. I hope by now I have blown a piston in your cringe meter.
For God and for Texas, and come back quickly, Lord Jesus. The Alamo needs defending again.

John 15:13
Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.