April 22, 2024 – 04/22/2024
4 – Creation and Things That Are Made
22 – Personal Revelation

Proverbs 4:22 (NKJV): For they are life to those who find them, and health to all their flesh.


I’ve noticed that people who have no respect for the scriptures are the very people who would be happy to do those things to me and to everyone who doesn’t agree with them. Their hatred for the scriptures is an objection to calling selfishness good. The opposite of love is selfishness and this is what people who hate the scriptures call love.

Self-indulgence, self-identification, selfishness at everyone else’s expense. Anything “self” other than self-control because that would require selflessness, which is what the scriptures say the love of God is all about. It’s not my job to fix or control anybody. I’m known for who I stand with not against.

I am responsible for helping people, of any people group, whether they believe what I believe or not. I am responsible for feeding the hungry, for loving and protecting children, for restoring people who have been outcast, and for doing my part to advance the Kingdom. I am to answer evil with goodness, have mercy on people, and make a tremendous difference in the lives of people. I love truth. I love Justice. I love hope and transformation.

I know this life, I live this life, and I teach this life because these are the words of the Lord Jesus Christ and the values of the scriptures. Value for the scriptures makes everything better and a hatred for them makes everything worse!

Declaration: I will honor the words of Jesus because His words are full of life. I will treasure the Scriptures in my heart and guard my mouth from speaking against them in defeat or unbelief. In Jesus’ name, amen!