December 31, 2023 – 12/31/202312 – Perfect Government31 – Offspring or Generations After YouLuke 12:31 (NKJV) But seek the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added to you.The giving side of God shows up as goodness and looks like an increase. Yes, the Lord will give what is good, and our land will yield its increase. Psalms 85:12 When God gives to you, He intends to fill you with goodness. He has a huge agenda to see goodness and fruit in your life.


I declare in the mighty name of Jesus… Today, 12-31-23, “123123,” I will partner in rhythm with You on life’s dance floor, mirroring your goodness for all the world to see.I declare in the mighty name of Jesus …When God is with us, we don’t just talk good, look good, or act good. We do good.King Jesus, your good is always a catalyst for Kingdom transformation. Today, I will partner with You and what You are doing.


What you give them, they gather in; You open Your hand, and they are filled with good. Psalms 104:28So, the thing you need to know about goodness is that when it shows up, it is always life-giving and selfless. It should appear everywhere Christ is present, or the Bride of Christ is activated. The overcoming, devil stomping, hopelessness destroying, life-giving, fruit-bearing goodness of God should be wherever you and I are.Since there is no end concerning His kingdom and His peace, as the Bible says, there is no end to how things can change for the better. In our short time on earth, we can make changes that far outlast us and glorify the King. When I seek Him first, then not only do I see Jesus, but the world can see Jesus. When His people demonstrate His heart through goodness, the word says it is the goodness of God that draws a man to repentance.  Father, your goodness makes true transformation a real possibility anywhere.

From my book: Good Overcomes Evil