TODAY’S PROPHETIC NUMBER –  September 6, 2023

John 9:6 – When He had said these things, He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay.

Spit and mud? Sometimes we look for God to move in a certain way, but when He shows up, we get offended. We compare how God moved for someone else and wonder why He is not doing the same for us. It’s a good thing the blind man didn’t get offended by Jesus’ methods. He believed even though it did not make any sense. Did he know the Lord was recreating his eyeballs out the same material he was made of? Probably not. In His kindness, God knows exactly how to do a miracle in your life. It’s time for you to glory Him!

Declaration: I will not partner with offense or question God’s ways. My life will glorify the Lord.


On a recent trip to Africa, I had a mission on my mission trip.

At 36,000 feet on a very long flight, I was trying to keep my mind occupied when the Lord stepped in and gave me three God-thoughts, or Holy Ghost flashcards if you will. They went like this:

Boom! Little boy, orphaned, unloved, dejected.

Boom! Under a tree, crying, sad, helpless.

Boom! Broken arm, pain, ongoing anxiety.

Right away, I knew God had spoken to me, so I told Leanna we were going to be on the lookout for an orphan boy under a tree with a broken arm. “We are going to help him,” I told her.

Now, words cannot describe the welcome we get when we arrive at one of our orphanages. It’s a celebration that I imagine is something like your first day in Heaven. You walk through a tunnel of people all smiling and wanting to shake your hand. The music is blaring, there are people dancing and celebrating. I never get tired of it.

On this trip, we were engulfed in the celebration when I looked over the heads my beloved Ugandan munchkins and there he was! The boy God had told me about. He was standing naked under a tree, crying and holding his arm.

“There he is,” I shouted at Leanna. Now my wife has a real way with children. It’s something you have to see to understand. The minute she saw him, she abandoned the celebration and was holding him in her arms. He was terrified because she was the first white person he’d ever seen, but that didn’t last long as her words and gestures soothed him.

It was just like God had said. I knew we had been sent there just for him because God sees the evil that is done to the orphaned. You know, we were all once orphaned, stumbling around in pain, unloved and lonely. Then Father God sent Jesus to round us up and make us part of the family. 

From my book: Good Overcomes Evil