John 8:31 – Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed.” 

Abiding is a big deal in the Kingdom of God. It’s not just a resting place you go when you need a little refreshment. It’s a place you never leave. Remaining in that place of intimacy when you feel Him close or when you wonder if you even know Him is the difference between life and death. This life is not a practice run, but a small part of your eternity. Stay loyal to King Jesus and be a disciple by abiding in Him. 

Declaration: I will not abandon my Jesus and His word. I am His and He is mine. 


One thing you must learn on your quest for upgrade is to trust the heart of God and in the power of His grace. Why? Because He is not going to punish you for mistakes made in your attempts to move forward and receive your upgrade. Anyone who tells you different, doesn’t know God’s goodness!

You see, Father God doesn’t punish you when you mess up. Instead, He does what any good father does–He picks you up! God is passionate about your progression. He has a much higher value for your personal growth than for your punishment.

“I will heal their faithlessness; I will love them freely, for My anger is turned away from Israel.” – Hosea 14:4

Since He made you to be a warrior, He knows if you don’t fight for upgrade, you will fight for things that don’t matter. He says to you the same thing He said to Joshua three different times as He was commanding him to move forward into the Promised Land:


When you are afraid to move from where you are, you will settle for something that once was, rather than what could be. The fight for what once was (the past) is a battle for what is irrelevant and insignificant. It is the wrong fight to be in! I like to call that the “Dragon of Religion.”

You see, religion likes to call whatever used to be a long time ago “godliness.” Not sure what I’m talking about? Think, “This is the way we’ve always done it.” Or, “God doesn’t work that way anymore.” Just like that, when you keep your head stuck in the sands of the past, you will never move forward. So move forward in your knowledge and progression. If you fall, He’ll dust you off and say, “Sic ‘em!”

From my book Living Life /Forward