Luke 8:16 – “No one, when he has lit a lamp, covers it with a vessel or puts it under a bed, but sets it on a lampstand, that those who enter may see the light.” 

Being uncovered, exposed and visible takes courage. So many in the body of Christ choose to be invisible. It’s safe but safety is not a virtue. God is not a coward looking for a place to hide and He didn’t make you to live in fear searching for safety. You are to be a world changer, to be courageous and stand tall. Do not hide the light He put in you. Be bold and blind the enemy with it.

Declaration: I’m not invisible. I’m known by my Father and I make my Father known.


I have a friend who was an Emmy Award-winning television producer, yet for all her success, she was a failure at leadership. She was young and backslidden at the time, but Jesus shouted to her one day through the voice of an angry co-worker. It’s good that she listened.

“You argue over everything! Only you have the answer. Your opinion or idea is always best. People are tired of always having to fight with you. They’ve stopped listening to you because you don’t know what hill to die on— ou die on them all. You need to learn to choose your battles!”

Wow! That was a wake up call for my friend and an alarm that should be sounding in your ear. It’s true. Not everything is worth fighting over. And not everything is worth fighting for. Make no mistake, upgrade is worth fighting for. 

“Then there arose a reasoning among them, which of them should be greatest.” – Luke 9:46

Jesus’ twelve best friends, His disciples, had it right. They fought over not only being great, but which one of them would be the greatest! Because they yearned for more of the greatness of Jesus, it started rubbing off on them—ordinary fishermen and tax collectors. People the world thought of as nothing special or, in the case of tax collectors, despised thieves, were suddenly wanting to not only be great, but good, like their leader. 

In Jesus, we have the best example of greatness and goodness. I think He got a kick out of his friends trying to one-up each other for the crown of greatness. He would surely get a kick out of you deciding to go after it too. Now that is a hill to die on!

From my book: Living Life /Forward