John12:12 – The next day a great multitude that had come to the feast, when they heard that Jesus was coming to Jerusalem…

When Jesus shows up on the scene, everything else no longer matters. He changes everything: plans, schedules, events. But what is real is, you must be looking for Him. And once you see Him, get with His program.

Declaration: I will not miss my time of visitation. I will cooperate with God’s program by saying ‘yes’ to whatever He asks of me.


You may know my friend, Mylon LeFevre. He’s a true rockstar of the faith. I have the privilege of going out to his house sometimes to receive counsel from him. He’s a next-level guy and I love next-level counsel.

One day, he turns my whole life around just as the angel Gabriel did to Mary when he delivered the Good News that she was going to be mama to the Messiah. In my case, Mylon looked at me and said, “Troy, are you not called to save women out of terrible bondage?” I said, “Yes sir, I am.” He said, “Are you not called to feed orphans?” I said, “Yes sir, I am.”

“Troy, are you not called to run a church that makes a tremendous difference?” I said, “Yes sir, I am.” Now that he and the Holy Spirit had established my identity, he spoke into my purpose and my destiny with these words: “One thing I recognize in you is that you have a poverty mentality. You still tell people how poor you are and that you’re not very smart. Troy, for you to have such a huge calling, and for you to speak against it is the same as sleeping with a Philistine.”

When he said those words to me, I got it. Philistines are the enemies of God and hooking up with them creates nothing but more enemies. I decided right then that I’m not going to do that anymore. Just like Mary, I needed to learn to say,

“Let it be as the word of the Lord has spoken unto me.” – Luke 1:38

Mary was a teenage girl who didn’t have next-level counsel in her life, but she had a next level heart. She didn’t understand all of the message the angel was telling her, but she understood he had given her an identity, a purpose, and a destiny. She was chosen and she couldn’t pass that up.

Neither should you. What are you called to do? Be a Godly leader for your wife and kids? Be a crazy cool giver so people can be fed and freed? Are you called to teach, build, serve, invest, or drop everything and go across the world for God’s glory?

Write down who God says you are. That’s your identity. Write down the tasks he wants you to perform. That’s your purpose. Then write down where you see yourself within the Body of Christ. That’s your destiny. Speak those things over yourself and, like Mary say, “Let it be as the word of the Lord has spoken unto me.”

Do you want a next-level life? Have a next-level heart. And connect with your identity, purpose and assignment at my annual New Beginnings Conference Jan. 18-21. We live in a day and a time when you’re so important to the Kingdom. This resource will help you find your calling and bring heaven to your earth.