Mark 12:7 – But those vinedressers said among themselves, ‘This is the heir. Come, let us kill him, and the inheritance will be ours.’ 

As a member of God’s family, God has a great inheritance for you. The enemy is always after your identity and inheritance. He might not kill you, but he knows if he can convince you that you are not who God said you are, you will give up your inheritance. Don’t let him bully you! He is a cosmic punk and a big liar.

Declaration: I’m who God says I am. I have what God says I have. I can do what God says I can do. I will not be bullied or believe lies.  

Celebrated in Heaven

The bloodline of the Lord Jesus Christ through his mother Mary, beginning with Joseph (standing in for Mary as she is the sole heir to her family bloodline) and going back all the way to Adam – all 77 generations – is found in Luke 2:23. By the way, seventy-seven is the number of the Church, but that’s just the cherry on top of what I want to talk about today.

Now, Luke was not a disciple of Jesus. He was a physician, historian and believer in the early church who thoroughly researched Jesus through interviewing eyewitnesses – most likely Jesus’ own family members and maybe even Mary herself if she was still alive.

Like all of us, Luke experienced Jesus and when he did, he was overwhelmed with Jesus’ humanity. To drive this point home, Luke traces the bloodline all the way to the very first human being. In doing this, Luke not only traces Jesus back to the original covenant, he proves Mary was in the line of David through his son Nathan.

Matthew 1 starts the genealogy at David and works forward to King Jesus because the book of Matthew is all about the Kingdom of Jesus. The word “kingdom” is in the book of Matthew more than anywhere else. When Matthew saw Jesus, he saw a King. 

The reason I’m pointing all this out is if you go to the book of Matthew and trace the generations from David to Joseph – what’s real is, Joseph should have been the king of Israel. Mary, being in that line, also had royal blood. 

Think about that for a second, because the guy who was the king in Israel – Herod – wasn’t even a Jew. He was an Edomite, a son of Esau. That’s how messed up Israel was when Jesus showed up. Nobody knows who the rightful king should be.

Nobody knows Joseph or Mary – both royalty – and they are some of the poorest folks around. If anyone in the history of mankind has been ripped off, it’s Mary and Joseph. This is my point: There are people that heaven celebrates that the world doesn’t. Jesus was born through people who only heaven celebrates. 

Here’s what’s real. You are somebody that heaven celebrates. Even if the world has no idea who you are, heaven knows your name. It is so important that you and I, like Mary, line our mouths and minds up with what heaven says about us.

What has He spoken to you? This is what His Word says: You are His child, a joint heir with Jesus, a priest, a king, an overcomer – the list is long. Listen to Him and know that heaven celebrates you. 

 “Behold, the days are coming,” says the Lord, “That I will raise to David a Branch of righteousness; A King shall reign and prosper, And execute judgment and righteousness in the earth. – Jeremiah 23:5

Here at the intersection of the birth and Jesus and 2023, this 23 verse stands out – especially as this chapter in Jeremiah is all about being able to spot the fake shepherd. Why is that a word of warning for the year to come? Find out here…