“Therefore do not fear them. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed and hidden that will not be known. – Matthew 10:26

There are many conspiracy theories out there, but the devil is not one of them. He is real and he doesn’t play fair. Still, he and his ways are always exposed. Do not be fearful. Jesus Christ has slapped him in the face. God is in the business of revealing the truth and bringing His healing. Remember who the real boss is and it’s not the devil.

Declaration: My confidence is in the Lord. He reveals the truth and brings justice to the widow, orphan and oppressed.

Purposed People

Friends, there’s a been lot of hopelessness in the church today. It’s been very easy to listen to the loud lies of the media. Hearts are failing from fear because of the things coming against the earth. But that ain’t you! That’s not us.

We need to have a purpose in and with God. We have to be purposed within our hearts to be the kind of people who say, “No, there’s a certain way I’m going to live and I have no value for fear. I have no value for being demoralized.” It is so important to the kingdom of hell you are demoralized, so don’t be.

When it comes to the media at large today, Jesus is saying, “Get your head out of the lap of Delilah. Do not be bewitched by her charms. Don’t do it. Don’t fall for the lies, deception, and hopelessness of their negative narrative.”

The mature body of King Jesus doesn’t think like a child full of fear of the unknown. The mature body of King Jesus is full of wide-eyed wonder, fascinated with the heart of the Father. But know this: We also understand the dangers of the world we live in and we’re still going after Jesus. We still choose to not be afraid. We choose to be fearless demonstrators of freedom, redemption, and the goodness of God.

Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord you’re God will be with you wherever you go.” – Joshua 1:9

Today is a great day to cry out to King Jesus and say, “Jesus, I cannot live without you. Jesus, I need you to show up!” This is not a time to be afraid. This is a time to press in. God Almighty is calling you to be purposed. Be a fearless testimony to the power of God. Who’s with me?