“And you will be hated by all for My name’s sake. But he who endures to the end will be saved.” – Matthew 10:22

People of God who are walking in the blessing of God will always have haters. Know your purpose! When you have a purpose, you won’t be defined by how others see or react to you. You decide to be blessed despite who it makes mad.

Declaration: I am a passionate, purpose-driven person. My vision is clear and those who hate me can’t slow me down.


As we get closer and closer to the imminent and glorious return of the Lord Jesus Christ, there are things from the Bible that we need to pay special attention to. There is a word I want to introduce that you may not be familiar with: consecration.

Consecration means to be set apart; to lean into something or to be intentional. Once consecration is made, everything needed for your call will come to meet you. You will find yourself at a certain place, at a certain time, for a certain miracle to happen. Just like this:

“For Moses had said, ‘Consecrate yourselves today to the Lord that he might bestow upon you a blessing this day.'” – Exodus 32:29

What he’s saying is, “There’s a certain place I’ve got to go. I have to lean into that and own it.”

Not only are we to consecrate ourselves to the purposes of the Lord, we also have sacred spaces of redemption in every part of our life to be consecrated. Even our sleep doesn’t belong to us. It becomes an intimate time between us and the Lord. It’s when we get to hear God speak.

Listen, we have to hear Him speak and be consecrated to the Lord. See, consecration is all about an intentional posture toward God’s presence. People who walk with God powerfully in a public way have to walk with God privately in a powerful way. There’s no substitute for that. You and I must own the responsibility of being people of consecration.

Setting yourself apart in a very specific way for God to bless you in a very specific way needs to become your new norm. It’s what you have to do and who you need to be in these times. Jeremiah went to the cave. Ezekiel went to the river and Daniel went to the window. Where do you go to get yourself consecrated so you can live at a higher level?

“Blessed is the man whose heart is set upon pilgrimage.” – Psalms 84:5

Being “set on pilgrimage” is about being consecrated. There’s a special blessing for people who want to go deeper with Christ. Maybe your friends don’t go after God like that. Maybe your history has never gone after God like that but let me tell you this: I feel a green light for you. I feel permission. I double dog dare you from the Holy Spirit to set your heart upon pilgrimage and consecrate your life to King Jesus today. It’s time.