“I was found by those who did not seek Me; I was made manifest to those who did not ask for Me.” – Romans 10:20

Jesus is after you. He is after your family, your spouse, your kids. That’s good news! He pursues us with Holy passion. He is already pleased with you and calls you into His presence. Respond to His voice by trusting His promises and He will bring you to the place He has prepared for you.

Declaration: I stand on the promises of God for me and my family. I will not be shaken.

Prophecy Unveiled

Prophecy is not about all about telling the future. It is really about knowing the heart of God for you, your church, for the day you live in, or concerning this event or that, right?

Prophecy is about having a tremendous value for His voice where you say, “Lord, I’m thirsting after Your Word. I need your Word in my life. I have to hear you speak to me. King Jesus, what are your instructions? I want Your will and Your timing for my life, not mine.”

The Bible describes the prophetic counsel of the Sons of Issachar to King David. Meaning, “Okay, I’ve got this council telling me I’ve got to do this thing or telling me to walk into that, but before I do anything, let me turn to the keepers of prophetic timing who know what Israel ought to do and when to do it. They are the keepers of God’s prophetic timing and I don’t need a trainwreck.”

“And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their command.” – 1 Chronicles 12:32

Like King David, you need true prophetic counsel within your life. First, you need to go to the Lord and say, “God, speak to me. I need to hear Your voice.” Or, like King David, say, “Teach me, O Lord, to number my days that I might apply my heart into wisdom.” Then, when David needed to move, he said, “Let me turn to the tribe of Issachar, who understands prophetic timing, so we know what to do and when to do it.”

In these end days, we need to be prophetic people operating with and among other prophetic people and within prophetic timelines. We need a tribe and to get connected to other tribes. Do you see how this works? When the whole body comes together as one, the body of Christ–the Ekklesia–we arise in victory because we know the heart of the Father. Are you looking for wise counsel?