I declare in Jesus’ name that God’s grace is sufficient for me. Out with the old and in with the new. God is giving me a fresh start today and I will give Him all the glory.


Nearly 30 years ago, I worked for a rent to own company. One of my major responsibilities was to be the repo man for the low income housing projects.

Even though I had been called every racial slur and hateful name you can imagine, even though I had personally removed TVs, refrigerators and all manner of home appliance out of people’s homes, I saw a tremendous revival in those dark and desperate places.

It broke my heart to haul that stuff away from people who needed it, so Leanna and I started a ministry to combat good with evil. We bought refurbished appliances and every time I would repo something in the name of the company, we could return later in the evening with a used one and give it to them in the name of Jesus.

The same people who threatened my life earlier in the day, would weep, apologize and thank God for His goodness.

Because of this, they would attend the Bible studies and kids events we put on there. As a matter of fact, Leanna and I did a kids crusade in the projects and, in one day, we baptized 100 people in the same place where folks had thrown bottles at me and cussed me like a dog.

Not only will the goodness of God lead to repentance (Romans 2:4), it always teaches us something true about His ways. The outcome of goodness is transformation because goodness says things need to change for the better. That’s called redemption!

Good and upright is the Lord; Therefore will He teach sinners in the way. – Psalm 25:8

From my book: Good Overcomes Evil