I declare in Jesus’ name I have the mind of Christ and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. I have control of what I think about. I will compare my thoughts to God’s Word and throw out anything that doesn’t align. 


In every courtroom drama, the central figure is the judge. He is the one who determines whether to allow testimony or evidence into the record of a legal case.

Often, the prosecutor wants to throw out part of a witness’ testimony as the defense attorney argues why the jury should be allowed to consider it. At that point, everyone looks toward the judge waiting for him to say “I will allow it” or “objection overruled.”

If you are going to have a mind the Holy Spirit can really work with, you have first got to learn how to judge your thoughts. Judgment is not just the ability to discern what’s good and what’s not good in your thought life. Judgment is determining what you will allow and what you will not allow your mind to think about.

For if we would judge ourselves, we should not be judged. – 1 Corinthians 11:31

Do you have mental boundaries set up by the Holy Spirit concerning the thoughts you entertain? What about the movies and TV shows you watch, the music you listen to, the websites you visit and the company you keep? Are you acting as judge over them?

If so, you are fast becoming a faithful steward, and well on your way to fully serving God in your mind.

I have a friend who doesn’t watch horror movies or anything that portrays evil as powerful. Why? She says she refuses to put evil in her head because there is no way to get it out. You know what? She’s right. We need to be very selective when it comes to the thoughts we put in our mind.

What about you? Are you ready to give up futile thinking and entertainment that does not glorify God to have a beautiful, clear, Godly mind? I am!

From my book: Soul Invasion