I declare in Jesus’ name I am transformed by the renewing of my mind. I displace the lies of the enemy with God’s truth and advance the Kingdom in my thought life. The accuser is a liar. My identity is in Jesus.


When it comes to boxing, most would agree that Cassius Clay, aka Muhammad Ali, is the greatest heavyweight boxer ever. 

The Muhammad Ali of the 1960s was certainly the fastest heavyweight ever. In the May 5, 1969 edition of Sports Illustrated, his jab was measured with an omegascope. Ali could smash a balsa board 16.5 inches away in 4/100 of a second, which is also the blink of an eye!

“I am the greatest!” he told his opponents and the world. “I am the greatest and you’re going down! Can’t stop it. You can’t stop it. Here it comes,” he would say just before sticking a lighting fast jab, then landing an unstoppable hook.

Though it’s obvious Ali was not a Christ follower, he reminds me of something about the kingdom of God. You see, anyone who starts hanging out with Jesus, no matter their history, begins to contemplate their own greatness. After a while in His presence, they become willing to fight for it. The disciples did, and often!

Today, I hereby inform you that it is my humble opinion that I am God’s favorite and can do anything. I am also here to tell you that the bug for better is contagious. Catch it, even if you have to catch it from me! Once you start hanging around Jesus and His sold-out followers, you can argue with me over who is the coolest cat alive. Jesus has a funny way of empowering each of us to believe that we are the greatest.

Then there arose a reasoning among them, which of them should be greatest. – Luke 9:46

From my book: Best of the Brewer