I declare in the name of Jesus I am diligently pursuing Him. Obstacles are being removed. Every mountain is being laid low and every valley is being brought up. Jesus is making streams in the desert and highways in the wilderness for me as I seek Him with my whole heart. 


Some years ago, a friend of mine organized a big pastor’s conference in Costa Rica. Just a few feet south of Nicaragua, it was an excellent place for pastors to gather.

Usually, when this friend puts together a crusade or conference, thousands of people come, but not this time. Only 30 or so people showed up. I could tell he was very disappointed when the people he worked with did not do what they said they would in getting the word out.

Before we went in to bless the socks off of the small crowd, he said something that changed my life. “Blessed are the flexible.”

We preached for two days like there were 1,000 pastors present, and as the Holy Spirit would have it, that conference was a game changer for some of those pastors. It was for me as well because those four words kept echoing in my mind.

Was I a flexible person? Would I have handled that situation differently? Gulp! I was a “my way or the highway” type of guy. In how many situations was I not a blessing or had missed my own blessing because of my infamous inflexibility? 

I needed a serious soul invasion. What about you? Is your rigidity with your family, job or belief system so ingrained that you’re missing blessings and maybe even throwing curses at others? You don’t have to think hard about that – just look back to the last few Sundays.

What kind of hell broke loose on Saturday night or Sunday morning to keep you from praising God with your tribe at church? At my house, cars don’t start, kids bicker and fight, important items are lost, and all manner of chaos and miscommunication goes down right as we’re trying to hit the road. 

Now, that’s just a small example. Here’s a bigger one. 

I once saw a woman healed of blindness at a conference. She had prayed for healing at hundreds of times. Can you imagine what the devil must have thrown her way to keep her from going to church that night? My hunch is, she was flexible. Whatever problems arose, she let them fall away and went into the Lord’s presence. Because of it, she was forever changed.

You see, God is looking for people who can truly roll with the punches, because life throws a lot of them, especially when you’re trying to do His will. The devil is looking for an opportunity to sucker punch you away from bringing heaven to earth, so he messes with your plans.

Don’t let him! Learn to be flexible and keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. He will make sure the blessings flow.

Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice. – Proverbs 13:10

From my book: Soul Invasion