While we enjoy helping you with dreams and their interpretation, we would be remiss in becoming your source for dream interpretation.

The truth about dreams is they are PERSONAL TO YOU. God is speaking to you, not me and He’s inviting you into a deeper relationship by giving you the opportunity to decode His messages to you. He’s wanting you to take responsibility and “search out the matter” (Proverbs 25:2) for yourself. Here are some resources and strategies you can use to get started:

1. Read the 20 dreams & visions in the Bible along with any interpretations. You will find recurring themes between them and your dreams.

2. Read the parables. Many times, you will find God using something from a parable to talk to you.

3. When you have a dream about a white horse, a mantle or a snake bite, look that word up in the Bible. I use Biblegateway.com and put “white horse” or “mantle” in the search bar. It will give you every scripture that speaks of a white horse or a mantle. You will often find just what you’re looking for as God speaks most often through His word. 

4. Get Pastor Troy’s Dream Interpretation Guide, Typology Conference DVD and Dreams and Prophetic Encounters Conference DVD at TroyBrewer.com

5. Get Cindy McGill’s book “What Your Dreams are Telling You” at https://www.cindymcgill.org/shop

6. Enlist the help of the Holy Spirit. Ask Him to help you understand as you jump off on your search. The Lord wants you to find Him through your dreams, but it takes action. 

7. Check out this free dream dictionary for symbols that you can’t find in the Bible. http://dream-dictionary-unlimited.com/

Again, thank you for trusting us with your dreams. We hope we can help you unlock what the Lord is speaking into your life.